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Library Books

2013 Library Club T-shirts
2013 Library Club T-shirts

There are many ways to help support Samson Middle/High School Library. For example you can volunteer to work in the library, you can donate books that are appropriate for school age children, and you can help financially. Samson, like all of the school libraries, in the state have not received state funds for over five years. It is difficult to buy books for students with no money. The Junior Library Guild has come up with a unique way to donate money for books at Samson. The link below allows you to donate any amount of money you want to online. The money will be used to buy books from the Junior Library Guild, which offers a large selection of books for students. You can donate as little as five dollars or as much as you like. Thank you for helping me put books in the hands of the students at Samson Middle/High School